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Modalities and personal data use

It is understood that by using the badge to access the ENOVA event, its facilities, events and activity areas, you have accepted the following terms and conditions:

As a visitor, I acknowledge and accept that I may be photographed, filmed or recorded during the ENOVA Trade Show. I authorize the organiser and/or the organisations that cooperate with the organiser to use any text, images and sounds captured, recorded or taken at this event, which include all or part of my name, my voice and/or my person, for promotional or commercial purposes, using any medium and any means of communication that exist currently or will exist in the future (including printed material, the press, television, the Internet, mobile phones, etc.), anywhere in the world. I also acknowledge and accept that I will not have the right to any remuneration in the event of such use. If I prefer not to be filmed or photographed, I will communicate my unwillingness to the film crew or the photographer on site.

In accordance with the amended Law No. 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 on Data Processing, Data Files and Civil Liberties, GL events Exhibitions informs you any data shall be processed primarily for the following purposes: registration and participation in the ENOVA Trade Show as well as the mailing of newsletters concerning trade shows of GL events Exhibitions or, if applicable, its partners.

The recipients of the personal data are the relevant GL events Exhibitions departments. GL events Exhibitions shall only keep personal data for such time as is necessary for the operations for which it was collected and in compliance with the regulations in force. Thus, data shall be kept for promotional and prospecting purposes, without prejudice to any data storage or limitation period obligations. GL events Exhibitions shall ensure the security of the personal data by implementing a data protection system reinforced by the use of physical and logical security methods.

You have the right to access, question, correct and challenge any data that refers to you. You also have the right to challenge the use of your personal data for legitimate reasons, as well as the right to object to the use of this data for commercial prospecting purposes.

You also have the right to set out general and specific guidelines establishing the manner in which you intend these rights to be exercised after your death. To exercise your rights, please send a letter to GL events Exhibitions accompanied by a photocopy of a signed identity document to the following address: GL events Exhibitions, Service Juridique, 59 quai Rambaud, 69002 Lyon, France.